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Why is Instagram trying to be Snapchat?

19 Aug , 2016  

Insta vs Snap

Runaway app-sensation, Snapchat, has hit it big with its “see me only once” messages and 24-hour-only “Stories”.  But, recently Instagram released “Instagram stories” and, no joke, it is exactly the same thing as Snapchat’s Stories. What’s going on here? How can Instagram do that? Why would they? And, is it working? Well, it turns out that […]

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AppChick DIY: Make your own Snapchat filter!

5 Aug , 2016  


If you have a smartphone, then you probably have Snapchat. But, did you know that you can make your own custom Snapchat filter?! I know you all love those Snapchat filters and that’s why I’m so excited about this Snapchat hack! Anyone can now create and use their own personal “Snapchat geofilters.” These are called “geofilters” […]

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The Power of Social Media

29 Jul , 2016  

The power of soical media

It is easy to think of  ways that social media makes our day-to-day lives easier.  From chatting with friends and sharing photos, to keeping current on the news.  Even so, sometimes we forget exactly how powerful and far reaching these platforms can be. Social media has the power to effect global economic issues and help thousands of […]

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How to Beta Test iOS 10 Today!

20 Jul , 2016  


If you read my article about iOS 10 and simply cannot wait to get your hands on all of its great new features, well, you kinda don’t have to! You can download the public beta of iOS 10 right now by signing up as a beta tester. As a beta tester, you have access to […]


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iOS 10 is improving everything!

12 Jul , 2016  


iOS 10 will be released this fall and unlike most updates, this one is pretty much all good news with a lot of helpful changes to look forward to.  There are so many new features in this upgrade, which is in beta now, I am going to cover some of my faves. OPEN UP SIRI: Siri […]

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Long Car Ride Entertainment Tips!

1 Jul , 2016  

Long Car Ride Entertainment Tips

Summer vacations are the best.  But getting to your destination can sometimes be a drag.  I get bored on long road trips, so I can only imagine what it is like to have to entertain an entire family in the car!   I mean, really, you can only play so much “I spy”.  So, I […]

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The Future of Mobile Video games!

27 Jun , 2016  


Augmented Reality is taking off as the next biggest trend in the technology space.  Lately, I’ve been seeing a lot of buzz about a cool new gaming application utilizing augmented reality in a smartphone game.  Sounds like this July, “Pokémon GO” will forever change the world of mobile video games.  The new “Pokémon GO” game will take the fun of […]

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How to win #NationalSelfieDay

21 Jun , 2016  

Selfie day pic

Apparently, today is #NationalSelfieDay!  While I am not entirely sure who has the authority to declare these types of “holidays”, sign me up for anything that combines selfies and hashtags. To help you get the best post possible on your obligatory selfie post today, check out my trifecta of perfect selfie apps.  Then, get posting! […]

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